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Crime Shows

Chief Investigator Michael A. Beck, Macon County State's Attorney's Office
I thought the show last night was fantastic. The best I have seen so far. I have heard many positive comments. It was a first class show put together by true professionals. Thanks for all of your efforts. Let me know if you are ever in the area. I'd love to get together. Hope to hear from you all again

John Tefft, San Diego Police Department
You guys did a great job! Everyone was very pleased about it.
In the past you have used me a as a reference for other police who didn't know your work. Please feel free to continue that!

Det. Jill Murphy, Pima County Sheriff’s Department
I didn’t get a chance to thank you and everyone who put the show together. Sylvia (Lafferty, Prosecutor) and I watched it together and we both felt that it was very well done. We appreciate the attention to detail and the efforts taken to make sure the facts of the case were portrayed correctly.

Chuck Patterson, York County District Attorney’s Office
I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. You brought the facts and the participants out in their best light. What a fantastic, phenomenal job you did! Some of my family in Maryland and Virginia called after the airing. They were equally impressed. KUDOS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!

Carrie Wirsing, York County District Attorney’s Office
I wanted to write to commend you and your crew on the excellent SOLVED episode. I especially want to thank you for doing justice (if you will ) in presenting the roles of the various players, i.e., investigators, prosecutors, reporters and family. You did such a great job of condensing and explaining the case – what an outstanding final product! You did a superb job of bringing all of that evidence together in a clear manner, in just one hour.
Again, I appreciate your hard work. I wish you the best.

Jim Thomas, Blaine County District Attorney
I thought this was one of the best, if not the best, portrayals of the crime of all the network shows. Everyone did a first rate job.

Public Affairs Officer Eric Poteet, Round Rock Police Department
Unanimity. Everybody loved it.

Ya’ll did a great job. The case could have filled a 5-segment mini-series and still would not have included every nuance. Your production struck a super balance.

My congratulations to your team, sir!

Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with all of you. I learned a heckuva lot, and it was a tiring but immensely satisfying epilogue to a bizarre case.

Thank you again for everything. My best wishes to all of you folks.

Jim Dunn, Father of Murder Victim Scott Dunn
Just a thank you note for doing such a real and authentic documentary about Scott’s murder appropriately, named “An Empty Grave”. It was very heartbreaking, but at the same time it helped me to release the pent up anger I really did not know I had.

It was all very well done and I so appreciate all the effort that went into the production and conducting the interviews. It was just the way it happened.

Please know how much this has meant to me and give a special thanks to all those involved in the production. Your director Bob Melissio handled the filming effectively, but with compassion.

Det. Jason Loper, Fairview Township Police Dept.
I saw the show last night and am pleased with how it turned out. I thought it did a very good job at laying out the evidence and explaining things, even though I know it could not go into all the evidence. Overall I thought it was an accurate portrayal of the investigation. Thanks for making us and the investigation look good.


How Stuff Works

Sam Calagione & Carol Toner, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
If you haven’t heard already- we loved it! And we want to show it off to anyone who hasn’t seen it. We may even make it part of new employee orientation.

Andre F. Ziegler, Poultry Pathologist, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
The show was very well received. It was factual, entertaining, fair and even-handed, well-filmed and nicely put together. Very interesting stuff. I learned some too!

Thanks for putting our industry in a good light and helping to get the word out about how much goes into raising healthy turkeys!




Art Fiedler, P-51 Pilot
Hello to all the fine folks at Digital Ranch:

Of course I watched your production of Dogfights last night and as usual, words just fail me. I suppose I need my hands to talk for me again but even then they could not express my admiration and appreciation for the superb job you all did.

Last night, I received two calls after 10:00 p.m. wanting to be sure I knew I was on the program! Today I received many more phone calls telling me how much they enjoyed the program... and my part in it. To a man, they voiced the same thoughts that I have expressed above. You are all to be complimented in the most eloquent of terms. May Dog Fights continue to run for a long, long time!!!

Dave Kennedy, Son of Y-29 Pilot Jack Kennedy
Great job on the Y-29 show! Man, it really is your best work. Thanks for the great coverage of Dad; it made our family very proud. My son and his buddies sure have a new appreciation of aerial conflict, too. Al Rigby, Litge, Bob Brulle and the other interviewees all did a great job; very credible.

What you do is very valuable to help us know, understand and remember the brave actions of these true American heroes. Thank you!

Matt Connelly, US Navy F-4 Phantom Pilot
Thank you for the excellent job your team did on episode 20. The digital reproduction of the dogfight was phenomenal. I was able to see the episode with friends who were staggered by the realism of the event. High marks to you and your associates. If you could email me the address of the digital director, I would like to extend my appreciation there as well.



Mail Call

Dean Hedlund, Polaris MV ATV
A sincere thanks to you & the whole staff for a great experience during the Mail Call filming session for the Polaris MV ATV. Can't say enough about the professionalism of the whole team.

Here's hoping that Mail Call stays Front and Center on the History Channel.

Kenny Sumner, Knob Creek Range
Saw the show and it was awesome!!!! Thanks so much for representing us in such a positive light. I really enjoyed having Mr. Ermey here at the shoot. He was definitely a showstopper. Look forward to seeing you folks at future shoots. Not to come and work but to sit back and enjoy yourself while your here.

Dan Kohlosh, Northrop Grumman Corp
Tell Gunny thanks for giving us a good shake. I knew Mail Call would be the best send up we'd ever get and I wasn't disappointed. Doesn't get better than "Coolest bomber in the history of the world...." Humbly, I have to agree.


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