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Episodic Title Listings

“Out of Egypt” (Discovery Channel, 6x60, premieres 2009)
“Out of Egypt: EPISODE 1 ” [2009]
“Out of Egypt: EPISODE 2 ” [2009]
“Out of Egypt: EPISODE 3 ” [2009]
“Out of Egypt: EPISODE 4 ” [2009]
“Out of Egypt: EPISODE 5 ” [2009]
“Out of Egypt: EPISODE 6 ” [2009]

“Animal Armageddon” (Animal Planet, 8x60, premieres 2009)
“Animal Armageddon: Death Rays” [2009]
“Animal Armageddon: Hell On Earth” [2009]
“Animal Armageddon: Doomsday” [2009]
“Animal Armageddon: Panic In The Sky” [2009]
“Animal Armageddon: The Great Dying” [2009]
“Animal Armageddon: Strangled” [2009]
“Animal Armageddon: Fire and Ice” [2009]
“Animal Armageddon: The Next Extinction” [2009]

“How Stuff Works” (Discovery Channel, 4x60, premiered 2008)
“How Stuff Works: Coffee” [2008]
“How Stuff Works: Beer” [2008]
“How Stuff Works: Turkey” [2008]
“How Stuff Works: Lead” [2008]

“Investigation X” (Discovery Channel, 3x60, premiered 2008)
“Investigation X: UFOs” [2008]
“Investigation X: Spontaneous Combustion” [2008]
“Investigation X: Siberian Apocalypse” [2008]

“Solved” (Investigation Discovery, 13x60, premiered Fall 2008) (Season 2 currently in production)
“Solved: Sarah Johnson – The Devil Within” [10/13/08]
“Solved: David Stidham – An Eye For Murder” [10/20/08]
“Solved: Joy Risker – Minister of Murder” [10/27/08]
“Solved: Barton Corbin – Old Habits Die Hard” [11/3/08]
“Solved: M&K – Blood Money” [11/10/08]
“Solved: Mark Hofmann – Secrets and Bombs” [11/17/08]
“Solved: Brian Hummert – Behind Closed Doors” [11/24/08]
“Solved: Bernadette Myers – The Watch Man” [12/1/08]
“Solved: William McGuire – Broken Vows” [12/8/08]
“Solved: Christina Moore – Shattered Silence” [12/15/08]
“Solved: Kelly Bullwinkle – The Dark Side” [12/22/08]
“Solved: Rachelle Tolleson – Burden of Proof” [12/29/08]
“Solved: Stephanie Sims – Grave Danger” [01/05/09]

“Dominick Dunne: Power, Privilege and Justice” (truTV, 10x60, 2009)
“Dominick Dunne: David Coffin – Burning Obsession” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Irwin Margolies – Heart of Stone” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Robert Durst – Billionaire on the Run” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Doris Angleton – A Deadly Parlay” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: The Yocum Family – Sinister Harvest” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Nina Reiser – Programmed for Murder” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Robert Blake” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Kathy Augustine – Strange Bedfellows” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Peter Shellard – Dirty Deeds, Down Under” [2009]
“Dominick Dunne: Phil Spector” [2009]]

“Murder By The Book” (Court TV / truTV, 18x60, premiered Fall 2006)
“Murder By The Book: James Ellroy” [2006]
“Murder By The Book: Michael Connelly” [2006]
“Murder By The Book: Jonathan Kellerman” [2006]
“Murder By The Book: Faye Kellerman” [2006]
“Murder By The Book: Lisa Scottoline” [2006]
“Murder by the Book: Sandra Brown” [5-Nov-07]
“Murder by the Book: David Baldacci” [12-Nov-07]
“Murder by the Book: Lisa Gardner” [19-Nov-07]
“Murder by the Book: Joseph Wambaugh” [26- Nov-07]
“Murder by the Book: Lisa Scottoline” [3-Dec-07]
“Murder by the Book: Linda Fairstein” [10-Dec-07]
“Murder by the Book: Harlan Coben” [17-Dec-07]
“Murder by the Book: Faye Kellerman” [24-Dec-07]
“Murder by the Book: Elizabeth George” [7-Jan-08]
“Murder by the Book: Kathy Reichs” [14-Jan-08]
“Murder by the Book: Jonathan Kellerman” [21- Jan-08]
“Murder by the Book: Lee Child” [28-Jan-08]
“Murder by the Book: Nicholas Santora” [4-Feb-08]

“Dogfights” (History Channel, premiered Fall 2006, partial list of episode titles)
“Aces Over the Western Front”
“Air Ambush”
“Blood Over Baghdad”
“Death at Low Level”
“Death of the Japanese Navy”
“Delta-Winged Warriors“
“Dogfights of the Middle East”
“Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles” (1x120)
“Flying Tigers”
“Gun Kills of Vietnam”
“Hell Over Hanoi”
“Hunt for the Bismarck”
“Jet Aces”
“Kamikaze” (1x120)
“Long Odds”
“MiG Alley”
“The Bloodiest Day”
“The Blue Nosed Bastards”
“The Last Gunfighter”
“The Zero Killers”

“The Investigators” (Court TV, 10x60, premiered 2004)
“The Investigators: Deadly Exposure”
“The Investigators: Soundtrack for Murder”
“The Investigators: An Empty Grave”
“The Investigators: The Devil Inside”
“The Investigators: The Erie Massacre”
“The Investigators: Dead or Alive”
“The Investigators: A Dangerous Game”
“The Investigators: A Date To Die For”
“The Investigators: Deadly Lesson”
“The Investigators: Downloading the Devil”
“The Investigators: Lovers’ Leap”

“Dangerous Missions” (History Channel, 47x60, premiered 1999)
“Air Rescue”
“Assault on Iwo Jima”
“Ball Turret Gunner”
“Black Devils”
“Bomb Squad”
“Bounty Hunters”
“Combat Photographers”
“Counter Terrorism Teams”
“D Day”
“Deep Sea Divers”
“Deep Sea Rescue”
“Forward Air Controllers”
“Forward Observers”
“Hell Fighters”
“High Voltage”
“Hostage Negotiators”
“Human Guinea Pigs”
“Ice Road Truckers”
“Marine Raiders”
“Merrill’s Marauders”
“Mountain Rescue”
“Rescue Swimmers”
“Silent Wing Warriors”
“Sky Walkers”
“Special Observations Groups”
“Storm Chasers”
“SWAT Teams”
“Tank Crews”
“Tunnel Rats”
“U Boats”
“Wild Animal Handlers”
“Wild Weasels”
“Winter Warriors”

“Brute Force: Weapons At War” (A&E / History Channel, 65x60)
“Air Cavalry”
“Air Defense”
“Air War in Vietnam”
“Airborne Assault”
“Aircraft Carriers”
“Air-Land Battle”
“Amphibious Warfare”
“Anatomy of a Battle”
“Armored Attack”
“Assaulting the Fortress”
“Attack Aircraft”
“Attack Helicopters”
“Battle Gear”
“Big Guns”
“Blitzkrieg: Luftwaffe”
“Blitzkrieg: Panzers”
“Blitzkrieg: U-Boats”
“Coast Guard”
“Combat Camera”
“Combat Engineering”
“Combat Medicine”
“Command & Control”
“Elite German Forces”
“Experimental Weapons”
“Famous Small Arms”
“Fighting Leathernecks”
“Future Weapons”
“Grunts of Vietnam”
“Hell on Wheels”
“High Explosives”
“Jet Aces of Korea”
“Jet Age”
“Lifeline from the Sky”
“Machine Guns”
“Marine Corps Aviation”
“Mechanized Forces”
“Missile Submarines”
“Naval Aviation”
“Nisei Soldiers”
“Pacific Battle Group”
“Rockets & Missiles”
“Smart Bombs”
“Special Forces”
“Sub Hunters”
“Tank Busters”
“The Bomber Group”
“The Silent Service”
“Thinking Weapon I”
“Thinking Weapon II”
“Top Guns”
“War Games”

“History's Mysteries” (A&E / History Channel, 20x60, currently airing)
“Amazon Women”
“America's Stonehenge”
“Ancient City Found and Lost”
“Buried Treasure”
“Cliff Mummies of the Peruvian Andes”
“Cliff Mummies: Unwrapped”
“Devil's Island”
“Devil's Triangles”
“Easter Island”
“Forgotten Wars”
“Ghost Plane of the Desert: Lady Be Good”
“GI Looters: Secret Plunder”
“The Gold of El Dorado”
“Lost Tomb of Antiochus”
“The Mysteries of Amelia Earhart” (2hr)
“Natural Mummies”
“Roswell: Secrets Unveiled”
“The Search for Noah's Ark”
“Ship of Gold”
“The True Story of the Fighting Sullivan Brothers”





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