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Original DVD/HomeVideos

(1x90, Co-Production with Simmons-Lathan Media Group)

“The Industry”
(1x90, Co-Production with Simmons-Lathan Media Group)

“All That We Could Be: The Army from Vietnam to Desert Storm”
(79 mins.)


Commercial Credits

“An Army of One /”
(24 National television spots)

“The Making of ‘An Army of One’”
(70 Webisodes)

“Bowers & Morena”
(:30 sec.)

“Blanchard & Co.”
(:30 sec.)



Interactive Productions

“Alcohol 101”

“Electronic Arts’ “Medal of Honor”
(Video Game Interview Bonus Features)

“Nine Worlds with Patrick Stewart”
(CD-ROM and Website)

“San Jacinto California State Park”
(Interactive Visitor Kiosk)

“Wild Blue Yonder”
(CD-ROM, 2-Disc Series)

“Angels: The Mysterious Messengers”







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